Sunday, November 21, 2010

Underground Girl

I have a good idea going here, but in terms of balance, the pose is very off.

There might be more of her later on.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Standin' Sweetie

New drawing of Bee. It's... okay, I guess, but it could be better. I went up to the edge of the paper, that's why her right leg is ending where it's ending.

You Can't Touch This! 2

This is the second pinup pose for Quinn, but there are quite a few problems with it here and there. The face and head looks odd, and had to redraw it a few times. Also, the body looks... odd. One arm seems to be longer than the other... but I dunno. The dress/theme for this one seems to be a good idea, but it could've been done better.

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

No Need For Kneemoi!

This is my version of Diamondj118's Space Girl:

Now if only poor Kneemoi made it in time...

You Can't Touch This! 1

Hey, it's a drawing of Quinn! From "Daria"! I think I drew her a few times...

Anyway, I was talking to a friend the other day about her and the show, and the thing is, she did this sort of thing all the time on the show: she'd show herself off, but never put out, unlike possibly Sandi. Basically, she was a cocktease to whoever she dated. I mean, there was talk of her becoming a stripper later in life, among other things.

Whenever I would draw her in the ways I would draw her, I basically took this thing that she did all the time, and overexaggerated it for my own ends. Not many approved of it, but that's how she was. Besides, whoever got to touch her (and do more than that) would be one very lucky, very happy boy... but I bet even then she'd deny him.

So... yeah. She'll go out on a date with you boys, but let's face it... You Can't Touch This!!!

And besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little Alternative Character Interpretation, now is there?

There will be more of these. Besides, Quinn found a way to raise these poor boys' hopes up: Pinup Posters! :D

As for the drawing, what's there is there, and what's ain't is ain't. Practice practice practice.

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Shrinking Kayla

Commission for ~Tsuyoshi-kun. Instead of the 3 sketches/$10 deal, said $10 went to a sequence. This is of a character of his creation, Kayla. She looks quite different from the two design sketches I did for him:

This is her sitting on her bed, eating fries and shrinking... not to mention the extra panel of her getting BE'd (and it's sort of a "cheater" way this time around; she's the same size, but I made the shirt tighter and smaller).

This took quite a while to do, including the three different edits to panels five and six... but it was worth it in the end. The customer was happy with it... and I might do a couple of extra things with this girl later on :)

Kayla Davis (C) T. Jones, aka ~Tsuyoshi-kun
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Great-Looking Diane... Then And Now

This is a drawing of Diane from about five or so years ago...

Great-Looking Diane 2005 by =MDetector5 on deviantART

...and this is that same drawing, redrawn a few days ago...

Great-Looking Diane 2010 by =MDetector5 on deviantART

Any questions?

Tiffany Blum-Deckler, Sexy Bo Peep

It looks like Tiffany's a bit late for Halloween. She was too busy being really high being too dumb to live just being... Tiffany.

She did, however make up for it with a sexy costume, based on this alter-ego of her. (Kinda makes you wonder if that whole act of hers was just a put-on...)

The other two Fashion Club members that aren't Stacy are being a bit... chatty about it.

Tiffany and the other two FC members from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Hula-Girl: Messy And Wanting More!

I drew this after the two recent drawings of her that I did. It's of shonuff44 shonuff44's Hula-Girl.

Whatever happened earlier that made her so messy remains a mystery... but whoever did it was one happy guy... and it made her happy as well...

Hula-Girl © R. Murphy, aka shonuff44 shonuff44
Drawing © J. Ayers

A Hula-Girl Halloween!

There are quite a few OCs on Deviantart that I like, and I never get around to drawing most of them. One of those OCs that I did draw is one belonging to one Ron Murphy, aka ShoNuff44. He's a very good artist, and he has been around a pretty long time.

This is his character, Hula-Girl...

Hula-Girl will Lei you by *ShoNuff44 on deviantART

I've drawn her a few times in the past, and when I was able to get a trade with him, I asked to draw her again... but it took a while to come up with an idea or ideas... but I did manage to do a couple of things.

This first one has a couple of the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating with her, and one of them, Renfrew, thinks she's one of the older kids.

I really like this second one that I did. She switches places with my character Diane, who for ShoNuff44's half, was a Hooters waitress:

Lnchsketch:MDetector5 's Diane by *ShoNuff44 on deviantART

Though I doubt it, I do hope to work with him again.

Hula-Girl, Drawings 1 and 4 (C) R. Murphy, aka ShoNuff44
Renfrew Abernathy, Diane Diaz, Drawings 2 and 3 (C) J. Ayers
Everything else (C) their respective owners

Sugar Sugar Cleo-chan!

This is my end of a trade with a great artist named Harpyqueen on DA. She does some excellent work, and this is not my first trade with her. The above drawing is of her character Cleo, who is most certainly NOT a magical girl.

I had fun with this one. This took about an hour to do (including the 15 minutes that it took to clean this up in Photoshop). This is the most dynamic pose that I did, and it came out well.

By the way, this is her end:

Diane in costume art trade by =Harpyqueen on deviantART

Cleo (C) A. Berendson, aka Harpyqueen
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stacy Rowe, Wicked Witch

This took about 45 minutes to do, plus 15 minutes cleaning it up in Photoshop... no, wait... Adobe(R) Photoshop[tm]. (The Photoshop people are just anal about that.)

Anyway, this is Stacy Rowe, one of the members of the Fashion Club, and a fan favorite. Her costume this year is that of a sexy, wicked witch. Ironic? YOU BET!

The other two FC members that aren't Tiffany are doing a bit of gum-beating about it.

Fashion Club (minus Tiffany) from Daria (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Bee no Tee

This took a while to do... two to three hours from start to finish. Um... this is Bee, and she's in a pose... and almost everything seems to be in place. One thing was late to the party (as it were)... Oh, and that thing she's sitting on? Lamest-looking bed ever. Bee, Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Ohhhh... and it seems I used the same pose I used from here.
That sucks... BIG TIME!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ass 'n' Thighs

Here's a standing pose, but done differently. Hands... getting there, but still a lot to learn. That goes for the... everything else.

Bee's Publicity Shot

This is what Bee calls her "publicity shot". You think someone like Bee would choose a pose more... interesting, but nooooo...

Anyway, this is the latest thing with Bee. This was part of a bigger page, but nothing else seemed to work, so...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rose the Genie Sketch

Here's a sketch of a character named Rose. She's a genie, and I drew her before. I rarely draw this girl, and how she came to be... I'd rather not say except she started as a photo reference somewhere. Basically, a lot of stuff happened after that... not all of it good stuff :(

I want to try something different, and the whole genie thing looks cool. There's this really neat person on DA named Sunrise-Oasis that draws this sort of stuff on a regular basis, and it's so fuckin' well-done. Here's one of their pieces:

I dream of Gennia by ~Sunrise-oasis on deviantART

There might be more genie artists on DA, but Sunrise-Oasis is one of the best... and they're the first that I watched, too. FUN FACT: I came back to DA a few months back after being banned for nearly two years. I added them to my watch LITERALLY minutes before I got banned.

That aside, they're pretty nice. A bit... eccentric, but nice. (And I mean "eccentric" in a very good way. Sometimes being that way leads to being good at what you do.

Well, that's enough textwalling for me. There'll be more later.

I Dare Ya...

Here is a sketch with Bee as the Devil. What's different (aside from the errors), is that I did the line of action first, then built everything around it. It makes for easier posing.

Bee does look a little bit different, though. That's because I redesigned her a bit here and here.

As for that sketch of Bee, I'm trying to work it in color.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Never Lose To Sandi...

What Quinn and Sandi bet on, and most importantly, how Sandi got such a machine, shall remain a mystery. Also, I--- OMG QUINN PORN

Quinn from "Daria" © MTV
Drawing © J. Ayers

Monday, June 21, 2010

Drawing-A-Day Challenge! Starts Today! Be There!

I only did this one other time, but now it's time to do it again.

I like drawing. I like to draw. I've been drawing for a long time. HOWEVER, since I began showing up online posting stuff years ago, things have not been great. I'm not talking about those things this time.

A lot of great people and artists have given me advice, and so far I've barely followed it. I'm pretty disappointed in that.

So starting later today, I'm going to do what others have done: a Drawing-A-Day challenge. I will post at least one new drawing here every day. It could be anything: Something sketchy, something colored, maybe the occasional digital thing (but something like that might take a while to complete).

I really want to try to get better at drawing after 15+ years of... well, I guess you could call what I have been doing "drawing".

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Old Stuff - Devil Quinn

Sept. 2005

I really want to remake this one, even if I end up doing just sketches.

That's the reason why I've been posting up a lot of my old, crappy drawings lately. I want to try to draw a new version of them, with new different poses, attempts at new angles, and hopefully improved anatomy. Some of the stuff I put up recently is a step in the right direction :)

That said, this is an old near-fetishy drawing of Quinn... something I do fairly often.

Quinn from "Daria" © MTV
Drawing © J. Ayers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sketches - 6-7-10

Sketches from yesterday. Most of them, namely the guys on the left and bottom center, and the gal on the right, were from various magazines I had around. The table-like thing, I came up on my own. And there's other stuff in here, too.

Sketches - 6-3-10

I got the reference for these from various... um, internet sources. I tried to draw them exactly how they looked in the photo or photos. The hand on the one on bottom left looks damn wonky, but that's how she looked in the picture I got it from.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovers In Love!

This is my end of a trade with Zombielily on DA. I drew her and her boyfriend in the cutest way. The coloring took damn near forever, and I did the lineart with a Sharpie.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Dress To Impress

QUINN: Look at me in this short red dress. Don't I look CUTE?
SANDI: Lemme guess... you're stalker--- I mean, artist that draws you--- means to beat off---- um, I mean, plans to draw you in other ways as well.
QUINN: You're jealous, Sandi. You start covering up your little statements whenever you get jealous.
SANDI: If I wanted someone to do THAT for me, I would do it MYSELF, not have someone... creep stalk me and break into my house and sift through my numerous unmentionables.
QUINN: Oh, Sandi... we weren't talking about that.
SANDI: It'll turn into that soon enough. If I were you I'd sleep with a knife.
QUINN: So, anyway, to THOSE that like me, this is me in a red dress. The guy that drew it said something about anatomy and posing and all that junk, but he's being too hard on himself in my opinion. It only matters that I look this good, doesn't it?
SANDI: Gee, Kuh-winn... I bet even YOU could make a burlap sack look like the big fashionable item for this year... I can JUST see it now.
QUINN: So, anyway... enjoy!

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Plaid, Pajamas, and Something Else, Oh My!

Here are two new things today... but one of them I drew much earlier (that I'm posting now). They're both of this one girl I kinda draw sometimes...

Pajama Quinn:
She's in sleepwear, and it's not of the sexy persuasion. The feet look funny and the arms look to be too long. And what about the hand that is showing? I dunno...

Here's the other one, Plaid Princess:
Hmmm... well, um, at least it's new... I think that's the first time I used that as an excuse...

Both of these are part of a stack of requests I'm doing at a place I frequent... not one of the usual places I frequent, either. Hopefully new poses and etc. might be in some of these that I do.

Well, enough hoping... now for some DOING!

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawings (C) J. Ayers

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nurse Irene

I haven't drawn Irene in ages, and I have no damn idea why. But I just drew her again, and as a nurse, too!

For some reason, she looks really good as such... and as a maid, too. Dunno why.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bee In A Shirt

I said earlier that since I started posting stuff online years ago, one of my characters Bee gradually became a monster.

Well, after seeing this, I decided that Bee's going back to her old self, however 1) I'm keeping her a History teacher, and 2) toning her the HELL down. She'll still be... well, Bee... just not the whoreish supermonster she became by the time I was banned from DA.

Schoolgirl Neko... Lorelei!

Glaring anatomy supererrors aside, this is how Lorelei will be from now on, as part of that MASSIVE CHARACTER RETOOLING!!! I mentioned in the last post.

I'm coming up for ideas for several comics, and this one is basically resetting certain things, especially with Bee and Lorelei. For one thing, Bee will be left pretty much unchanged from how I had her, but I'm toning her way the hell down. By the end of my time on DA, she had (in the opinions of many) become some sort of bitchy, unrepentant superwhore that uses sex as a solution to every little thing. She had always been sarcastic (if not slightly bitchy) and a bit... um, playful, but at that point those things have gotten to where she just became... unpleasant.

More on that later, but as for Lorelei, I think making her unrelated to Bee would be a good thing. The idea to make her a catgirl came from this picture...
Man, that's a bit large.

But what I did here, was make her a catgirl trying to hide her ears and tail, only popping up when she's excited. Me and a friend came up with the idea, among other things concerning her. I do have to change the ears and tail to match her hair color, and the wings might not show up later. I think Lori's better off as a catgirl, among other things. Hopefully there will be more about this later.

"Long" Hair Lori

This is a most recent drawing of one of my girls Lorelei... before MASSIVE CHARACTER RETOOLING!!! Her hair doesn't seem all that long, either. It's at pretty much the same length I've been drawing it at for years.

Um, by the way, go read a comic a friend of mine is doing: Samurai Princess. It's awesome!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quinn Dandy FINAL!

I finally finished coloring the lineart, and the background is part of one of the photos I took earlier.

It took quite a while to color this, too. I started a couple of weeks ago, did some other stuff, then finished it up early this morning.

The pose is nothing special... just the standard "girl standing with hands behind her head" pose. I really need to stop using that damn pose.

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing, Photo (C) J. Ayers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quinn (and Daria) by InnocentTazlet

Quinn by =InnocentTazlet on deviantART

It's nice to see she drew Quinn! :D

She drew Daria earlier:

Daria by =InnocentTazlet on deviantART

I like these two drawings by her (as well as most any of her other drawings). There's some other stuff I want to embed from DA as well, but last time I did that, Firefox froze up :(

Daria, Quinn from... um... that one show... (C) MTV
Drawings (C) InnocentTazlet

Old Stuff - "Fly Girl" and "Flirty D"

I did these back in September of 2006. I once had bigger scans of these, but the CD I saved them on because unusable, so these will have to be the size they are for now.

Fly Girl:

Flirty D:

Daria, Quinn from... well, "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawings (C) J. Ayers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Stuff - Sexy Busty Daria Trilogy

I did these three over a few months in late 2006 and early 2007. Basically, I took something that showed up in one episode, and took it a little farther.

Sexy Busty Daria 1 - Dec. 2006:
Sexy Busty Daria 2 - Dec. 2006:
And lastly, Sexy Busty Daria 3 - April 2007:
I really didn't do much more with the idea after that...

Quinn and Daria from... well, "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawings (C) J. Ayers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Meant To Do That!

Sure, Helen looks hot, but someone seems to disagree...

Quinn and Helen from "Daria" © MTV
Drawing © J. Ayers

Guy In Suit

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reaction Shot! (aka "What Did Quinn See?")

Take a look at this sketch...

Now, what do you think made her say that (and cause her to make that expression)?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quinn Dandy lineart

I did this for digital coloring purposes. Here we have some girl in this pose that I've did... maybe once or twice... or five times before...

(Yeah, it's more self-deprecating humor. I've got a quota to fill... and it's already the 6th! Damn, I gotta get on the ball!)

Quinn from "Daria" © MTV
Drawing © J. Ayers

Thursday, April 1, 2010

She Tried It Once - Titfuck

I kinda did this for a friend. It turned out better than expected, so it's here.

Di is the kind of girl that's willing to try anything once... anything. So, when a coworker asked her if she ever had a titfuck, she asked what one was... and he just had to show her. There was quite a mess to clean up afterwards.

This is the first time I drew a girl getting a titfuck... and the first time drawing a guy's junk. Things could be better, as usual (and dirtier, in this case).

So, tell me... what do you want my Di to try?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Demi Vs. The Plant Monster storyboard

I did this before writing out the outline for the comic idea I talked about earlier. Basically this is up until the Plant Monster shows up.

Demi Vs. The Plant Monster sketch

First off, the word "spaceshippening" and the bald guy in the corner are unrealated. This was part of a bigger page of sketches.

The girl and the plant monster are related, however. The dark elf girl's name is Demi, and she's a character of mine that started out in a rather... um, unusual way. She started out as a character in a story that FA user JWargod commissioned. I did 16 pages for him (only eight are posted on his FA, with my permission, though), and it came to be that he was unable to continue the story. I asked that since I had a good time coming up with stuff for her, if she could be one of my characters, and he said yes. I had to change/rearrange most details of her backstory, though.

So, not only am I'm trying to come up with ideas for her, but I also started drawing my character Diane a lot more, and changing her character to fit as well... and that includes trying to get a new comic off the ground involving these two.

So, I decided to pick out one idea, and this is what I came up with, based on the sketch: Di and Demi take a vacation on a tropical island, and they get attacked by a giant plant monster. A certain girl saves them from certain doom and befriends them. Hijinks, action, and fanservice ensue. That's as far as I got as far as plotting out the story. That's pretty much the outline, there. In fact, I got the idea for this from that one drawing I linked to.

If/when I get to the comic proper, I want to do characterization RIGHT... especially since I want to use Ron Murphy's character, Hula-Girl. Of all his characters, she's my favorite, and if I was going to put her in something, I don't want to half-ass it in terms of characterization... ESPECIALLY since he's a very popular artist, and he's been doing the online thing FAR longer than I have. I don't want people kicking my ass over the internet. There's been enough of that as is. Anyway, I hope the guy helps me as far as keeping her in character is concerned. I noted him on FA about this, and I hope to hear from him soon.

But, before I can do any of that, I have to outline the idea more, build the story proper from it, and most importantly, DRAW DRAW DRAW!!! If I want this looking remotely... good, I'll have to do that, and I'll have to do that a lot.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Hoodie Diane

Diane wearing a bunny hoodie. I got the idea from somewhere, and I seem to have lost the link to it.

It just so happens this is blog post #42. The number 42 is awesome!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Girl

I haven't done traditional coloring in quite sometime, and this is the first St. Patrick's Day piece I ever did. Usual stuff is... well, usual... but enough about that...


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old Stuff - Attempted Jane Lane Times Two

December 2006 (top) and January 2007 (bottom)

These were an attempt to draw Jane Lane from "Daria". Dunno if I did it right or not. The hardest part was the hair. Some anonymous second person is in the first one, Stacy's in the second

Jane and Stacy from "Daria" are both (C) to MTV
Drawings (C) J. Ayers