Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Can't Touch This! 1

Hey, it's a drawing of Quinn! From "Daria"! I think I drew her a few times...

Anyway, I was talking to a friend the other day about her and the show, and the thing is, she did this sort of thing all the time on the show: she'd show herself off, but never put out, unlike possibly Sandi. Basically, she was a cocktease to whoever she dated. I mean, there was talk of her becoming a stripper later in life, among other things.

Whenever I would draw her in the ways I would draw her, I basically took this thing that she did all the time, and overexaggerated it for my own ends. Not many approved of it, but that's how she was. Besides, whoever got to touch her (and do more than that) would be one very lucky, very happy boy... but I bet even then she'd deny him.

So... yeah. She'll go out on a date with you boys, but let's face it... You Can't Touch This!!!

And besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little Alternative Character Interpretation, now is there?

There will be more of these. Besides, Quinn found a way to raise these poor boys' hopes up: Pinup Posters! :D

As for the drawing, what's there is there, and what's ain't is ain't. Practice practice practice.

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

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