Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Hula-Girl Halloween!

There are quite a few OCs on Deviantart that I like, and I never get around to drawing most of them. One of those OCs that I did draw is one belonging to one Ron Murphy, aka ShoNuff44. He's a very good artist, and he has been around a pretty long time.

This is his character, Hula-Girl...

Hula-Girl will Lei you by *ShoNuff44 on deviantART

I've drawn her a few times in the past, and when I was able to get a trade with him, I asked to draw her again... but it took a while to come up with an idea or ideas... but I did manage to do a couple of things.

This first one has a couple of the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating with her, and one of them, Renfrew, thinks she's one of the older kids.

I really like this second one that I did. She switches places with my character Diane, who for ShoNuff44's half, was a Hooters waitress:

Lnchsketch:MDetector5 's Diane by *ShoNuff44 on deviantART

Though I doubt it, I do hope to work with him again.

Hula-Girl, Drawings 1 and 4 (C) R. Murphy, aka ShoNuff44
Renfrew Abernathy, Diane Diaz, Drawings 2 and 3 (C) J. Ayers
Everything else (C) their respective owners

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