Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old Stuff: FC Hooters Girls

Now to take a break from all the photospam[tm] for a really old piece that I did nearly three years ago:
All of the Fearsome Fashionable Foursome (minus Sandi) are there. How the heck did they get jobs there?

This is crazy old, but it's still one of my favorites.

Photos 3

Here are the remainder of shots I took on May 22nd.
Interior (3rd floor) of a place I frequented all the time, the IUPUI University Library, near downtown. This is where I used to do most of my business before I got a computer at home. Yep... three days a week, most every week, for 7-1/2 years... Where did the time go?

2nd-floor entrance to IUPUI University Library. I haven't been here in nearly two years. The place has barely changed at all. Would you believe that this was once the site of one of IUPUI's parking lots? Then, for a few years after this was built, they still had part of the parking lot, but they re-sodded that area. It looks pretty beautiful now, and I took a shot near that area...

All that used to be parking lot. Usually when something is build, it's the other way around... but there it is. Right where that person is in far, far, FAR center, is where the parking lot ended. As said earlier, they re-sodded that area to make it look less... well, to beautify the area. I think the IUPUI website still has their historic photograph section up...

A different view of said area, and a new parking lot is in the background. It goes to a newer building, constructed a few years ago. That larger building there is a city/state government building.

That's the recent building, there, as well as some of... well, I guess you could call it a skyline, or part of it, anyway. The building on the right, the OneAmerica building, is the one of the tallest in Indianapolis. The building next to it, it had storm damage a few years ago, and it was fixed, but now they're making it look more modern.

Looking down North Street, at the corner of New York and North Streets.

At the corner of New York and North Streets. Another University building is in the background. I think it's the science building. (I haven't been in this area for sometime, so other than the library, I forgot which building's which.)

Another view of this building. This is directly across from the 1st-floor entrance of the University Library.

Those are all for now. Next post, I have some I've taken from the next day, including some near a school I used to go to.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos 2

Here are some more photos I took from May 22nd. I also took some more on other days, but the bulk of these were on May 22-23...This was on the westside of Indianapolis, near 38th and Moller (sometimes spelled Moeller) Road. This is a large grassy, field-like area I sometimes cut through to get to the department store in this area. That building on the right is not a department store, but a gym. And those trees are still trees, I think...

That in the far distance is said store.

That is a shot of Ohio Street downtown. I intend on using this one as a background for something I might do in Photoshop at an undetermined date. This was the only downtown shot I took.

Those are all for now. I think I have a few more, a couple of interior shots of the IUPUI University Library, as well as nearby buildings.

Looking at these, I do need to pick a focal point, as evidenced to a comment on the last post. I am new at this, so there is a lot to learn when doing something like this.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos 1

Sometime ago, I went out with a digital camera and took photos of places around Indianapolis. Here are a few of them. I am new to this photography thing, though, so a good number of these shots might suck. I also adjusted the brightness and color for some of these as well.
This is looking down 38th St. and... I'm sure it's Central Ave... or hell, maybe it's Capitol Ave.

This is from a little further down 38th Street. I love shots of the sky. Dunno why... but I think they look damn beautiful.

This is one of my favorite shots that I took that day, near Crown Hill Cemetery. I just love that particular part of town. Hell, anything past... I think 38th and Orchard going westbound, I like. Maybe it's because I lived on the westside of Indianapolis for so long... or maybe it's... SOMETHING ELSE!!!

Further down 38th. Um... this corridor (from 38th and Boulevard to 38th and MLK/Michigan Rd) has been improved quite a bit over the last... 20 or so years. That great median work there? Wasn't around back then. They made 'em look real nice... adds to the the general... landscaping and such. This is one of those backgrounds I could use if/when I do some digital art again.

Near 38th and Clarendon, the halfway mark of said corridor. This is my current wallpaper. I like how this one turned out, the shot really was that bright. I adjusted the color slightly.

Intersection of 38th and Clarendon. Dunno why I took this shot. I think it looks somewhat decent. Car looks a little slanty...

There are some more photos I took, but I'll get to those later.