Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos 1

Sometime ago, I went out with a digital camera and took photos of places around Indianapolis. Here are a few of them. I am new to this photography thing, though, so a good number of these shots might suck. I also adjusted the brightness and color for some of these as well.
This is looking down 38th St. and... I'm sure it's Central Ave... or hell, maybe it's Capitol Ave.

This is from a little further down 38th Street. I love shots of the sky. Dunno why... but I think they look damn beautiful.

This is one of my favorite shots that I took that day, near Crown Hill Cemetery. I just love that particular part of town. Hell, anything past... I think 38th and Orchard going westbound, I like. Maybe it's because I lived on the westside of Indianapolis for so long... or maybe it's... SOMETHING ELSE!!!

Further down 38th. Um... this corridor (from 38th and Boulevard to 38th and MLK/Michigan Rd) has been improved quite a bit over the last... 20 or so years. That great median work there? Wasn't around back then. They made 'em look real nice... adds to the the general... landscaping and such. This is one of those backgrounds I could use if/when I do some digital art again.

Near 38th and Clarendon, the halfway mark of said corridor. This is my current wallpaper. I like how this one turned out, the shot really was that bright. I adjusted the color slightly.

Intersection of 38th and Clarendon. Dunno why I took this shot. I think it looks somewhat decent. Car looks a little slanty...

There are some more photos I took, but I'll get to those later.

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  1. None of these have a focal point. in retard terms, you're essentially taking pictures of AIR. the yellow roof is cool, but it's not the focus of the piece it's in, some blank nothing area is. figure out composition before you post this shit.

    still not as bad as your hands though, kudos