Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sketches - 2-20-10

Here's some stuff I did the other day, with varying levels of skill involved: A couple of drawings of Jennie, a few of Diane (the two headshots at the bottom was me trying... something else), and a bunch of other stuff.

Stylish Diane?

Another try at King-Cheetah's style. Even then, I still dunno.

Style (King-Cheetah's, Kevin Sano's, whoever) is all well and good, but skill (anatomy, posing, those motherfuckin' hard-to-draw hands) is better, and I have been working on that. I just haven't posted it. Either that, or I'll put it on my blog from now on... I dunno.

What I do know, however, is that those hands look broken in the "pose" that I've put them in.

Eh, more later, probably. But out of an entire page of sketches, this was the only one that I felt was "public enough" to post.

Nurses, Etc.

Quinn and Sandi as nurses, and Brittany as one as well. The full-body sketches of Quinn and Sandi (and Britt, maybe), I tried to copy King-Cheetah's style again... but again it didn't come off quite right. (Maybe the boobs aren't big enough for Quinn and Sandi, but I digress ;)) I did visualize the Quinn and Sandi poses, so that helped out a bit... more so for Sandi's than Quinn's... but I dunno.

Also in bottom right was me trying to draw Stacy in another pose, but it came off all wrong.

And with those are various headshots, including the Obligatory Winking Quinn Headshot[tm].

All four are from "Daria", which is (C) to MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Sandi Sketches

A few sketches of Sandi. Tried to do this in a bit of King-Cheetah's style (especially the one in far left), but it doesn't look like I did it that well.

She's such a colossal bitch! One time, I heard she snapped a puppy's neck in front of a class of kindergarteners, scarring them for life... but that's the kind of thing that, like, an urban legend...

Sandi from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Mr. De's Not Pleased...

I kinda eyeballed this one, but no matter. This here is Mr. DeMartino, history teacher at Lawndale High School. Years of teaching dead-eyed highschoolers, as well as trying to teach Kevin and Brittany, have left him really... really... well, I don't think the word "hardass" is enough to describe this man.

The neck and whatever's below it looks weird, but there he is.

Mr. DeMartino from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Not-So-Random Pose Redux

I did this some nights ago, that's all I'm saying about this one. Sandi, however, is saying something else. And I might have used this pose a couple of times before. IT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT, THOUGH.

Sandi and Quinn, both from "Daria", are © to MTV
Drawing © J. Ayers

Michelle Sketches

These two sketches were done for a friend from DA (and now his own blog), JBWarner86. It's of his character Michelle, who normally wears a hat. She looks to be a decent character, and I've been wanting to draw her for sometime. The first one didn't come out how I wanted it, but I'm kinda fond of the second one.

Michelle (C) J. Barboza
Drawings (C) J. Ayers

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pose In Pasties

SANDI: Gee Kuh-winn... you'd stoop this low to get a date? Why didn't you go all the way with it?

QUINN: It's not really me. It's a drawing OF me. I asked some guy over the internet to draw for me.

SANDI: Gee, I wonder who THAT person could be... some kind of detector, perhaps? Your way of concealing your smut artist's identity is about as subtle as what he did for you.

QUINN: Sandi... it's all in good fun!

SANDI: Until some kid nosebleeds himself to death over you. IF I am not misTAKEN, I'm sure it happened once...

QUINN: Gee, Sandi, if I were you I'd not talk ill about my artist friend. I don't want information getting out about a certain fashion club president's fixation for polyester...


SANDI: You win this round, ginger.


Hopefully I'll have something decent for Valentine's Day, but until then this sketch of Quinn showing more skin than usual will have to do... for now.

Anatomy is looking slightly better than usual, it seems... but still I have a ways to go. Look at them hands!

Quinn, Sandi from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers