Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovers In Love!

This is my end of a trade with Zombielily on DA. I drew her and her boyfriend in the cutest way. The coloring took damn near forever, and I did the lineart with a Sharpie.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Dress To Impress

QUINN: Look at me in this short red dress. Don't I look CUTE?
SANDI: Lemme guess... you're stalker--- I mean, artist that draws you--- means to beat off---- um, I mean, plans to draw you in other ways as well.
QUINN: You're jealous, Sandi. You start covering up your little statements whenever you get jealous.
SANDI: If I wanted someone to do THAT for me, I would do it MYSELF, not have someone... creep stalk me and break into my house and sift through my numerous unmentionables.
QUINN: Oh, Sandi... we weren't talking about that.
SANDI: It'll turn into that soon enough. If I were you I'd sleep with a knife.
QUINN: So, anyway, to THOSE that like me, this is me in a red dress. The guy that drew it said something about anatomy and posing and all that junk, but he's being too hard on himself in my opinion. It only matters that I look this good, doesn't it?
SANDI: Gee, Kuh-winn... I bet even YOU could make a burlap sack look like the big fashionable item for this year... I can JUST see it now.
QUINN: So, anyway... enjoy!

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Plaid, Pajamas, and Something Else, Oh My!

Here are two new things today... but one of them I drew much earlier (that I'm posting now). They're both of this one girl I kinda draw sometimes...

Pajama Quinn:
She's in sleepwear, and it's not of the sexy persuasion. The feet look funny and the arms look to be too long. And what about the hand that is showing? I dunno...

Here's the other one, Plaid Princess:
Hmmm... well, um, at least it's new... I think that's the first time I used that as an excuse...

Both of these are part of a stack of requests I'm doing at a place I frequent... not one of the usual places I frequent, either. Hopefully new poses and etc. might be in some of these that I do.

Well, enough hoping... now for some DOING!

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawings (C) J. Ayers

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nurse Irene

I haven't drawn Irene in ages, and I have no damn idea why. But I just drew her again, and as a nurse, too!

For some reason, she looks really good as such... and as a maid, too. Dunno why.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bee In A Shirt

I said earlier that since I started posting stuff online years ago, one of my characters Bee gradually became a monster.

Well, after seeing this, I decided that Bee's going back to her old self, however 1) I'm keeping her a History teacher, and 2) toning her the HELL down. She'll still be... well, Bee... just not the whoreish supermonster she became by the time I was banned from DA.

Schoolgirl Neko... Lorelei!

Glaring anatomy supererrors aside, this is how Lorelei will be from now on, as part of that MASSIVE CHARACTER RETOOLING!!! I mentioned in the last post.

I'm coming up for ideas for several comics, and this one is basically resetting certain things, especially with Bee and Lorelei. For one thing, Bee will be left pretty much unchanged from how I had her, but I'm toning her way the hell down. By the end of my time on DA, she had (in the opinions of many) become some sort of bitchy, unrepentant superwhore that uses sex as a solution to every little thing. She had always been sarcastic (if not slightly bitchy) and a bit... um, playful, but at that point those things have gotten to where she just became... unpleasant.

More on that later, but as for Lorelei, I think making her unrelated to Bee would be a good thing. The idea to make her a catgirl came from this picture...
Man, that's a bit large.

But what I did here, was make her a catgirl trying to hide her ears and tail, only popping up when she's excited. Me and a friend came up with the idea, among other things concerning her. I do have to change the ears and tail to match her hair color, and the wings might not show up later. I think Lori's better off as a catgirl, among other things. Hopefully there will be more about this later.

"Long" Hair Lori

This is a most recent drawing of one of my girls Lorelei... before MASSIVE CHARACTER RETOOLING!!! Her hair doesn't seem all that long, either. It's at pretty much the same length I've been drawing it at for years.

Um, by the way, go read a comic a friend of mine is doing: Samurai Princess. It's awesome!