Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Dress To Impress

QUINN: Look at me in this short red dress. Don't I look CUTE?
SANDI: Lemme guess... you're stalker--- I mean, artist that draws you--- means to beat off---- um, I mean, plans to draw you in other ways as well.
QUINN: You're jealous, Sandi. You start covering up your little statements whenever you get jealous.
SANDI: If I wanted someone to do THAT for me, I would do it MYSELF, not have someone... creep stalk me and break into my house and sift through my numerous unmentionables.
QUINN: Oh, Sandi... we weren't talking about that.
SANDI: It'll turn into that soon enough. If I were you I'd sleep with a knife.
QUINN: So, anyway, to THOSE that like me, this is me in a red dress. The guy that drew it said something about anatomy and posing and all that junk, but he's being too hard on himself in my opinion. It only matters that I look this good, doesn't it?
SANDI: Gee, Kuh-winn... I bet even YOU could make a burlap sack look like the big fashionable item for this year... I can JUST see it now.
QUINN: So, anyway... enjoy!

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

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