Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Stuff - GO TEAM!!!

July 2007

I drew this one right after this one.

Though Brittany here did the splits, I think I drew it wrong. At least one her legs look odd, among other... usual things.

On the other hand, like the last one, the coloring/shading looked... better than average, but the scanner I was still using didn't quite agree with me. Also at least I attempted something of a new pose.

Brittany from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Old Stuff - Paint Roller Quinn

July 2007

I did this late at night... but that doesn't excuse what the hell's going on here...

-Apparently Quinn here is cosplaying as Paint Roller from the "Kirby" series
-Her right leg looks DAMN broken
-Her left knee doesn't look very knee-like, either
-Skates don't look like skates; hands don't look like hands
-This is another drawing of Quinn by "TEH EBIL MD", so you KNOW someone will be pissed about THAT...

I do like how I colored this, though... all soft and with shading. When I scanned it in the next day, though, it didn't come out the way I wanted to come out. Also, this was one of the last drawings I scanned with it before I went and got my current scanner.

Quinn from "Daria" (C) MTV
Paint Roller from "Kirby" (C) Nintendo/HAL Laboratory
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

Jennie Sitting

Trying out a new pose... tell me what ya think :)

Still got stuff to work out, though :(

Tipsy Jennie

Jennie Hedrick is a mid-level employee at Steven's Foods (formerly Slovenly's, Inc.), where she processes orders. supervises other employees, and is an all-around good worker. Up until some months ago, she was a fairly boring person.

She used to be that way due to what happened at the company's first (and needless to say, last) holiday party several years ago. Unbeknownst to her, one of her coworkers decided to... well, Jaeger up the eggnog. Jennie had several cups, and soon she was stripping off her clothes while her coworkers egged her on.

Now, her doing that was pretty damn hot, but Jennie had one HELL of a hangover, woke up somewhere on the other side of town, took a DRASTIC pay cut, and was forced to work at home for the next few months. (Yeah, her boss was a colossal hardass...) Though she eventually got her old position and salary back, she decided to keep mostly to herself...

...that is until some months ago, when she met her boyfriend...

This was my first drawing of 2010! I've never really drawn Jennie topless, and if I did, it was YEARS ago. Hell, until today, I've never really posted any drawings of her since I... um... "left" DA.

Drawing her tipsy was a good excuse to try out something different as far as posing was concerned. There are still a few things to work out all across the board. I especially had a lot of trouble with that right arm of hers.

The entire things looks odd, but it's different.

Anything else I'm missing? Critique up!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Old Stuff - Sexy Nurse Quinn

QUINN (on phone): Sandi, remember the time I dressed up as a nurse?

SANDI (on other end): Which time? We did have that theme week, as well as various other... costume-y occasions...

QUINN: Which one?... Oh, I dunno... that Halloween party sometime ago. I was alright with the costume and all.

SANDI: Are you sure? You did wear a lot when you arrived to the party.

QUINN: I mean, the pink-and-white combination looked sooooo cute! You said so yourself.

SANDI: I said nothing of the sort. I might have made some sort of offhand remark about you looking like an ice cream... but what was said at that party is debatable at best.

QUINN: Well, you were also one that kept saying "Gee, Kuh-winn, if I were you, I'd show some skin... because you wouldn't dare be a um, tease, to your few fans... and at a Halloween party, no less"

SANDI: You might have had me confused with Stacy, Kuh-winn. She did drink a lot of punch there. Who knows what they put in it.


QUINN: Well, you were the one that kept saying 'Show more skin! Show more skin!' like I was expecting to do that sort of thing.

SANDI: You have been known to harvest boys for your own purposes in the past. Must I bring up the Noodle Incident again?

QUINN: I only stopped at the boots, the panties, the nurse hat, and the little crosses. Besides, knowing you, if you were in the situation that you put me in, you would've gone farther... and probably charged money.

(pause again, then shouting from Sandi's end... really profane shouting... I'd rather not repeat it here)

(few moments later)

SANDI: Go on.

QUINN: It got worse once that kid got that nosebleed, and much worse when that other kid's head exploded. I felt so embarrased!

SANDI: Of course you were, Kuh-winn. You would do anything to get in a boy's pants... Ohhhhhh, wait... YOU do not partake in intimate sexual congress. My bad.

QUINN: It was worse when you got that one guy that drew me that ONE time to draw me in that state of affairs, looking like I wanted to do more than date the boys that were looking, if you know what I mean...

SANDI: It was bound to happen anyway, Kuh-winn. That stalker of yours, MDetector5 or whatever his loser-ass name is, was more than happy to take my money. He told me he would do ANYTHING for you, including but not limited to (again, I'm not repeating what Sandi said. She's got the mouth of a sailor for someone her age. I hear she gets that and her... less-than-endearing attitude from her mother. Judging from what I've seen, Mrs. Griffin is kinda hot, though)

QUINN: EWWWWWWW!!!! Sandi, those are pretty disgusting things to say, even for you.

SANDI: Whatever, maneater.

QUINN: All I'm saying is next time you want someone to take your little... dares, get Tiffany to do it.

SANDI: Might as well. I gotta get some more Mary Jane for her... gotta keep her constantly baked, and on the lowest position for the Fashion Club that I could think of. No one upstages me... NO ONE! I don't care if it was back before you showed up, she will always smoke weed under my watch!

QUINN: No, Sandi, I doubt she smokes weed, whatever that is... but that might explain why there are never any snacks at our meetings and why she talks so slow. Anyway it's getting late. I'll talk to you later. (hangs up) Wow... what a bitch.


SANDI (on other end): I heard that! Just for that, I suggest you watch your back at school tomorrow. (hangs up)


Oct. 2006

Though I did have some fun drawing and/or coloring this thing, it suffers from a lot of problems, the most obvious of which is Same-Pose Syndrome[tm]

I plan to remake this someday.

Quinn, Sandi from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers