Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tipsy Jennie

Jennie Hedrick is a mid-level employee at Steven's Foods (formerly Slovenly's, Inc.), where she processes orders. supervises other employees, and is an all-around good worker. Up until some months ago, she was a fairly boring person.

She used to be that way due to what happened at the company's first (and needless to say, last) holiday party several years ago. Unbeknownst to her, one of her coworkers decided to... well, Jaeger up the eggnog. Jennie had several cups, and soon she was stripping off her clothes while her coworkers egged her on.

Now, her doing that was pretty damn hot, but Jennie had one HELL of a hangover, woke up somewhere on the other side of town, took a DRASTIC pay cut, and was forced to work at home for the next few months. (Yeah, her boss was a colossal hardass...) Though she eventually got her old position and salary back, she decided to keep mostly to herself...

...that is until some months ago, when she met her boyfriend...

This was my first drawing of 2010! I've never really drawn Jennie topless, and if I did, it was YEARS ago. Hell, until today, I've never really posted any drawings of her since I... um... "left" DA.

Drawing her tipsy was a good excuse to try out something different as far as posing was concerned. There are still a few things to work out all across the board. I especially had a lot of trouble with that right arm of hers.

The entire things looks odd, but it's different.

Anything else I'm missing? Critique up!

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