Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pose In Pasties

SANDI: Gee Kuh-winn... you'd stoop this low to get a date? Why didn't you go all the way with it?

QUINN: It's not really me. It's a drawing OF me. I asked some guy over the internet to draw for me.

SANDI: Gee, I wonder who THAT person could be... some kind of detector, perhaps? Your way of concealing your smut artist's identity is about as subtle as what he did for you.

QUINN: Sandi... it's all in good fun!

SANDI: Until some kid nosebleeds himself to death over you. IF I am not misTAKEN, I'm sure it happened once...

QUINN: Gee, Sandi, if I were you I'd not talk ill about my artist friend. I don't want information getting out about a certain fashion club president's fixation for polyester...


SANDI: You win this round, ginger.


Hopefully I'll have something decent for Valentine's Day, but until then this sketch of Quinn showing more skin than usual will have to do... for now.

Anatomy is looking slightly better than usual, it seems... but still I have a ways to go. Look at them hands!

Quinn, Sandi from "Daria" (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers


  1. lol love the dialogue :D (great pic too )

  2. ApprovingCat approves!