Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rose the Genie Sketch

Here's a sketch of a character named Rose. She's a genie, and I drew her before. I rarely draw this girl, and how she came to be... I'd rather not say except she started as a photo reference somewhere. Basically, a lot of stuff happened after that... not all of it good stuff :(

I want to try something different, and the whole genie thing looks cool. There's this really neat person on DA named Sunrise-Oasis that draws this sort of stuff on a regular basis, and it's so fuckin' well-done. Here's one of their pieces:

I dream of Gennia by ~Sunrise-oasis on deviantART

There might be more genie artists on DA, but Sunrise-Oasis is one of the best... and they're the first that I watched, too. FUN FACT: I came back to DA a few months back after being banned for nearly two years. I added them to my watch LITERALLY minutes before I got banned.

That aside, they're pretty nice. A bit... eccentric, but nice. (And I mean "eccentric" in a very good way. Sometimes being that way leads to being good at what you do.

Well, that's enough textwalling for me. There'll be more later.

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