Monday, August 3, 2009

Photos 5

Continuing those shots taken on May 23rd...
If this building was the focal point, I should've centered it more... Anyway, this is IPS School #98, and I used to go here back in... first and second grade. There is a park nearby here, but it seems hard to get to, and this always looked like a nice building. I couldn't go inside, but I did take a few shots around this area, as well as at that park.

This is looking down DuBarry Road, the street School #98 is on. This wasn't a good perspective shot. If, however, the focal point was that barely-visible sign in the center, then yeah, I'd say this was a damn fine shot!

The far west edge of the building, as well as a nearby tree. I could crop this shot by half, and use the tree for something. Dunno about the assorted greenery in the background, though.

I turned right around and took this shot. Another tree, and the school in far left, as well as DuBarry Rd. on the right. Nothing special about this one. It could work as a desktop wallpaper, maybe. MAYBE.

Part of the school's playground (albeit a small part), and a house in the background. And some of the walkway to one of the doors to the school can be seen.

There's a path hidden in the greenery (seen in one of the earlier shots of the school) that leads to this park. I don't think there's another way to get to it, but if there is one, it's either not easy to get to, or I haven't seen it. Anyway, here it is, and it looks like it's started to slide since the last time I visited it. Even most of the play equipment is gone...

A lot of this area is overgrown now, and large birds roam about. That thing near the bottom, is where a merry-go-round was (not the ones you see at a carnival, but those ones that you get on, and someone pushes). And that swing set looks like it hasn't been touched in years. I have been to this particular area two other times (to my best recollection): Once, back when I was in second grade (the merry-go-round was there back then); the other time in 2004, when this area looked a lot nicer, but a lake was put in, as well as some shelters.

I took this shot (and the next two) from the highest point of the only piece of playground equipment left, and part of it is right there. Also is the chimney from the school from earlier. Other than that, nothing much.

From the left side of where I took the last photo. Those trees look... kinda nice, but still, this park is in need of maintenance.

From the right side. More trees, and assorted greenery. Somewhere in this shot, though, is where I came into the park through the school playground. There's another entrance, but this was the only one I knew of.

Those are all the ones I took that day. I did take more, but those sucked.

I do have some more from later days, though.

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