Monday, August 3, 2009

Photos 4

Here are some shots that I took on May 23rd. I did go to some high places to take some of them, and the majority of them might show up as backgrounds in anything I might do later.
This was taken from the top of a bridge a few blocks from my house. I had to cross the street twice: once to get to this spot, and again to go back to the other side to go down the bridge. It was supposed to be a skyline of downtown Indianapolis (since whenever I'd look down the tracks when crossing, I would see the downtown buildings off in the distance). This shot didn't go as well as I thought, but I still like it, if not for the effort to get it.

Coming down the bridge, this was the view to my left. It looks... decent, I guess, but I could do without that big tree in the left. It looks a little intrusive to me.

I crossed the street again, and this was the view on that side. This is part of a construction company... well, it's part of the company's property. I always thought those trees looked nice, so I took a photo. I might have been better off using a different angle, but that big tree on the right (not the same tree in the last one), might intrude. It's not a good-looking tree.

Looking down Shadeland Ave. There might be lack of a focal point here, and I took this one (as well as the last three) that morning, yet the light levels vary. (I have everything on the camera set to Auto, so why things tend to over- or under-expose still, I have NO idea. Good thing I have a photo editor to fix some of these!) Um... I was looking down Shadeland going south. A LOT of car dealerships line this street from 38th Street on down to about 10th Street.

This is looking down 38th Street, a little past... 38th and Richardt. This shot looks similar to an earlier one I posted.

Those are all for now. I do have shots I took from a school near that area...

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