Sunday, January 29, 2012

Neko Angel Lorelei And The Tentacles!

She was trapped by her enemy for god knows how long, and it'd be a long while before her partner came to free her. In an act of initial humiliation, most of her outfit was stripped away, and she was chained up in one of her enemy's many dungeons... but this was no ordinary dungeon that was set up. No, this was the enemy's (in)famous tentacle dungeon!

Many heroines have tried and failed to escape over the years, but ultimately, many were broken thanks to the constant... "happiness", if you will... of these touchy-feely tendrils. They were the stuff of legend, having been the basis of countless hentai pieces the world over. They even were on the March 1999 cover of Hentai Enthusiast Magazine. Yes, the legendary tentacles of Tentacle Rape fame were about to have their next victim to work over.

But, it was not to be. You see, our heroine here is... well, she's used to these sorts of things. She's gotten to be too kinky to torture... but some say there's a limit. She might enjoy her situation before her partner comes to rescue her, but she might be fucked silly and well into happyland by then...


Started of as part of a sketch sheet, but looked good enough on its own. Blue removal was done by Battle Jesus.

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