Sunday, February 27, 2011

How NOT to do a comic...

I know that everyone knows about this guy, but still, it has to be said. And I say this knowing that my stuff isn't/wasn't exactly gold, either... but it has to be said!

I mean, to do a comic, you have to have a good, or at least decent (or if not decent, at least presentable) idea. What is being audiobooked on in that video is NONE of those things. Aside from the obvious, there's a lot of other issues (and we all know about all those other issues the "artist" has, so I'm not going to go over those).

Also, later on, the "artist" starts putting in events that happens to him into this "comic"... including a part where he proxy-murders those that wronged him... just because they dare do a parody of his "work"... well, there's a lot wrong, here. I mean... look here and here.

I'd go on more, but... yeah, I'd rather not. Basically, try and NOT do what this person did when making your own comic.

And, P.S.... I liked the other narrator they used for that project. He did things right! :D

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