Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stacy Rowe, Wicked Witch

This took about 45 minutes to do, plus 15 minutes cleaning it up in Photoshop... no, wait... Adobe(R) Photoshop[tm]. (The Photoshop people are just anal about that.)

Anyway, this is Stacy Rowe, one of the members of the Fashion Club, and a fan favorite. Her costume this year is that of a sexy, wicked witch. Ironic? YOU BET!

The other two FC members that aren't Tiffany are doing a bit of gum-beating about it.

Fashion Club (minus Tiffany) from Daria (C) MTV
Drawing (C) J. Ayers

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  1. how much do you charge to draw one of these? -mike smike.foley@gmail.com