Monday, March 29, 2010

Demi Vs. The Plant Monster sketch

First off, the word "spaceshippening" and the bald guy in the corner are unrealated. This was part of a bigger page of sketches.

The girl and the plant monster are related, however. The dark elf girl's name is Demi, and she's a character of mine that started out in a rather... um, unusual way. She started out as a character in a story that FA user JWargod commissioned. I did 16 pages for him (only eight are posted on his FA, with my permission, though), and it came to be that he was unable to continue the story. I asked that since I had a good time coming up with stuff for her, if she could be one of my characters, and he said yes. I had to change/rearrange most details of her backstory, though.

So, not only am I'm trying to come up with ideas for her, but I also started drawing my character Diane a lot more, and changing her character to fit as well... and that includes trying to get a new comic off the ground involving these two.

So, I decided to pick out one idea, and this is what I came up with, based on the sketch: Di and Demi take a vacation on a tropical island, and they get attacked by a giant plant monster. A certain girl saves them from certain doom and befriends them. Hijinks, action, and fanservice ensue. That's as far as I got as far as plotting out the story. That's pretty much the outline, there. In fact, I got the idea for this from that one drawing I linked to.

If/when I get to the comic proper, I want to do characterization RIGHT... especially since I want to use Ron Murphy's character, Hula-Girl. Of all his characters, she's my favorite, and if I was going to put her in something, I don't want to half-ass it in terms of characterization... ESPECIALLY since he's a very popular artist, and he's been doing the online thing FAR longer than I have. I don't want people kicking my ass over the internet. There's been enough of that as is. Anyway, I hope the guy helps me as far as keeping her in character is concerned. I noted him on FA about this, and I hope to hear from him soon.

But, before I can do any of that, I have to outline the idea more, build the story proper from it, and most importantly, DRAW DRAW DRAW!!! If I want this looking remotely... good, I'll have to do that, and I'll have to do that a lot.

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