Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miss Bee

I posted these on my FA page the other day, and well, I want to explain.

Well, this is how I want to draw Bee from now on. Bee is one of my characters, and she's... well, there were certain things about her that I went too far with back when I was on DA. Since getting rid of her entirely was NOT an option for me, the least I could do was tone her down a bit... QUITE a bit.

Well, I upped her age by about five years and made her a teacher. That oughta tone her down! Besides, as fun as it was to do all that crap with her back when I was on DA, it came at the expense of trying to get my drawings better, something that I really wanted to do all along. Eh, I'm still trying and all that...

So, where to begin with this idea? She's a teacher at the high school in her town, and... um, hijinks ensue. I wish I planned this out further, and I'm going to do that, too.

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