Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photos 7

It took a while, but here's another batch of photos. Here are some of my nephew sleeping:

Okay, that last one is not of him sleeping, but he just looks so adorable!

Um, here are some of streets near my home:

Intersection of 41st and Bolton. Going left on 41st here will lead to a dead end. A school playground blocks that part of street off.

Intersection of 41st and Campbell. If that minivan is the focal point, than something something something else. I did the best I could to not make it look overexposed, but it still looks like the sky is glowing white. The same problem persists in other shots I took as well.

45th and Campbell, looking down Campbell. I kinda don't like this shot, the "going down" doesn't look as straight as the others, thus no focal point (in some of the earlier street shots, there was some perspective/focal point stuff, as if you were looking down the street... I think there's little of that here).

I got some more, at least two more posts worth, as well as some stuff I found out about the area I took them in, as I lived in that area of town for many years.

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