Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos 2

Here are some more photos I took from May 22nd. I also took some more on other days, but the bulk of these were on May 22-23...This was on the westside of Indianapolis, near 38th and Moller (sometimes spelled Moeller) Road. This is a large grassy, field-like area I sometimes cut through to get to the department store in this area. That building on the right is not a department store, but a gym. And those trees are still trees, I think...

That in the far distance is said store.

That is a shot of Ohio Street downtown. I intend on using this one as a background for something I might do in Photoshop at an undetermined date. This was the only downtown shot I took.

Those are all for now. I think I have a few more, a couple of interior shots of the IUPUI University Library, as well as nearby buildings.

Looking at these, I do need to pick a focal point, as evidenced to a comment on the last post. I am new at this, so there is a lot to learn when doing something like this.

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  1. These arent bad for a novice; i do agree in part to the other comment that you do need to pick a focal point in the photo. The two trees at the top are interesting, it would have looked better if you were able to get the white building in the middle of them. I like the first photo of the intersection in the other set given that you have accomplished a vanishing point. Being a novice photographer myself theres not much advice i can give except personal preference. The photos would benefit if you ran them through photoshop and played with the colours and contrast; they come off a little bland and washy. Dont worry about bad reviews either- like you said you're only starting out- have fun with it and experimant with it- the bottom photo with the bus would have look cool if you got close to the ground and took the phot looking up at the street instead of eye level.