Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things I Learned in 2009... They Ain't All Good Things...

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2009 was a... well, it was a year, it was one where I did a lot of stuff that... well, some of it was good and some of it was bad.

Y'know, I've learned a lot of things this year, among them the following...

-It is NEVER a good thing to speed up the making-a-bad-situation-good process. It only makes things worse.

-It hurts to lose a friend. Sure, some might say "Eh, it's just the internet", but I've known some of these people for a number of years.

-When you say you'll do something, do it DAMN IT. Don't sit on your ass procrastinating. Sure, if you have your reasons as to why you're not doing something, then... I dunno.

-People don't like it when you repeat the content of your journals. Changing the words around don't help, either... and neither does name-dropping. People tend to frown upon those things.

-It's cool to see your friends get better at what they do. Dedication, hard work, and not taking BS from the usual sources of internet jackassery is the key.

-Just because the cool kids are doing something doesn't mean you have to... but if it means you finally get to update something really old, then by all means do it.

-There will be at least one or more than one person that will not care for your character or characters. There's nothing you can do about it, and forcing them upon said people don't help.

-Watching people stream is fun. Being a jackass in stream chat isn't fun.

-Tennessee is awesome. I want to go there again.

-Studying a drawing style is a cool thing to do. Out-and-out copying it might be going too far... I guess it's alright if you form your own style around it, though.

-Time is marching on... and time is still marching on. You're older than you've ever been, and now you're even older.

-For years I've been drawing expressionless fanart of a character that, ironically, has a lot of expression. Same goes for the fashion faction she's affiliated with.

And most importantly...

-Saying you're gonna change and ACTUALLY doing it are two entirely different things.

That said, I've been a jerk to some of you during this past year. I lost friends in certain artists, and I made already-bad situations between some of them worse. Trying to fix things led to trouble and my name being a permanent fixture on their blocklists.

I did, however, start to try to draw better (and actually MEAN it this time). I still have a long, long, LONG way to go. Hands still are an issue for me.

I resolve, in 2010, to be a better person and an better artist. That will not be lip service this time. If I want things to go GOOD for me here on FA (or anywhere online, for that matter), I'm going to have to work hard, stay on the up-and-up, and most importantly, NOT go back to the MD of old. And hey, who knows? Maybe some bad situations between me and some people might be forgotten.

So, here's to a happy (and HOPEFULLY most improved) 2010!

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